This Event is part of the Visiting Entrepreneur Program,
produced by the City of Sydney.

The Impact Games

Think Investible Bootcamp, eGames, The Hunger Games and Tough Mudder – where 12 startups will be undertaking 12 Challenges over 3 days. Startups across key sectors will be assessed on founder team, understanding of the problem, business model, traction, tech and much more; in front of investors, business and industry leaders, startup and corporate innovators.

It’s all about

becoming more Investible

The best Investors rarely invest off the back of Accelerator Demo Days which means you could have given up months of your time and crucial equity only to be surrounded by mentors that know less about your industry that you do.

The Impact Games is different – we’re revolutionising startup development, investor due diligence and corporate venturing by acknowledging the best startups are time poor. We provide real prizes, real insights and real networks without fees or taking a slice of your equity.

Investible’s Investibility Matrix assesses 16 core factors that if you can identify and improve will dramatically increase your likelihood of landing investment.

Jump into serious fun


Not only are selected applicants eligible to undergo the Fingerprint for Success (F4S) founder attitudes and motivations tool they also participate in either the virtual or physical Business Model Blueprint workshop to strengthen your business model.


The winning participant will receive a 12 months founder support package worth $17,880 ($1,490/mth). This includes a mastermind group, individual mentoring, investor meetings, and coaching together with attendance at the infamous Investible Bootcamp.


All participants will receive a comprehensive report on the startup activity in their sector. Industry experts from your sector will be on-hand to provide feedback and direction.


Over the three days, you will meet with some of the most dynamic startups, a broad range of corporate innovators, senior executives, tech and design experts together with industry leaders.

1:1 Mentoring with Social Entrepreneur, Mark Brand.

As a part of the City of Sydney’s Visiting Entrepreneur Program, we welcome Social Entrepreneur Mark Brand has successfully created 11 businesses in his home of Vancouver. His company MB Incorporated encompasses growth, sustainability, and fluidity in all its projects, undertakings, and partnerships.

Brand and his teams at MB Incorporated breathe new life into marginalized and isolated communities through food, training, and meaningful employment. Brand challenges perspectives by constantly striving to improve the lives of others, while providing opportunities for growth and social change through emerging technologies, alternate currencies, and best practices.

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Impact Games
Sydney, TBD
October 26th - 28th
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Criteria for application into The Impact Games

Have received less than $1m Funding

Solving a real-world problem

Ensure that your industry is listed in the categories below.

Must be Australia or New Zealand Based

Required to attend 3 days (in-person)

Minimum 1 person per team


Are you Developing Innovative Ways to Revolutionise the Food Chain?

Big Data (AI)

Are you using Big Data to enhance the Artifical Intelligence of your product or service?


Are you redefining how we learn, obtain skills, and disrupt research innovation?


Are you driving sustainable energy across how it’s produced, delivered and consumed?


Are you Creating solutions that are safer, cheaper, fresher, more nutritious and environmentally friendly?


Are you developing technology to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care?

Smart Mobility

Are you redefining how we learn, obtain skills, and disrupt research innovation?

Disability Tech

Are you Innovating the Assistive Technology space for people with disabilities?

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